Fidelity: expanding credit protection through bitcoin with Silvergate

Fidelity: expanding credit protection through bitcoin with Silvergate

Two crypto-friendly institutions, Fidelity and Silvergate, are cooperating. The result is Bitcoin-backed loans.

Asset manager Fidelity has already been accepting bitcoin as collateral for cash loans since December last year. In addition to the partnership with Bitcoin Superstar crypto lender BlockFi, there is now also a cooperation with Silvergate Bank. This is according to a press release obtained by BTC-ECHO.

These loans from Fidelity are mainly interesting for those investors who want to use their bitcoin holdings without selling them. They also offer new opportunities for hedge funds and bitcoin miners.

Silvergate, for its part, has been offering Bitcoin-backed loans since June. These are available in the Silvergate Exchange Network. Customers are thus able to move their reserves between different crypto exchanges in real time – around the clock. Already during the earnings announcement for the fourth quarter of 2020, Silvergate CEO Alan Lane announced that he wanted to further expand the bank’s payment network.

Fidelity also applicant of bitcoin ETF

With Silvergate, we recognised the opportunity to create a smoother investor experience. We help investors and institutions maximise their capital efficiency. We are also strengthening the digital asset ecosystem through greater integration and collaborations like these

, Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at Fidelity Digital Assets, said in the press release. Fidelity had most recently demonstrated its affinity for Bitcoin through its recent application for a Bitcoin ETF.

After GameStop and Dogecoin: This is Reddit’s next goal

In search of the next old school share à la GameStop, the Reddit army is also pulling past Dogecoin. But what’s next?

A thriller has been going on in the international stock market for days, which is a novelty in the history of the free market economy

Users of the Reddit sub-forum r / wallstreetbetshad found that institutional investors were betting enormous sums of money against the price of the ailing company Gamestop. However, these so-called short positions only work if the price actually falls. In order to cheat the hedge funds – and get very rich at the same time – the amateur investors came up with a plan. If they all started the course together, it would go up. That would mean that institutional investors would have to give up their short positions and invest in the stock as well. That in turn would increase the price even further. The plan worked, for example it pushed the hedge fund Melvin Capital to the brink of ruin and made some Profit Revolution users very rich very quickly. BTC-ECHO also reported .

Spurred on by their new-found power to influence the stock market collectively, Reddit users were looking for their next destination and quickly came across Dogecoin. The result: The crypto currency is currently in an unprecedented high soaring, has already gained around 400 percent compared to the previous day (as of 09:06). Some Reddit users are now convinced that the course will cross the magical line of a US dollar.

The enormously high prices in turn call for shorters who want to take advantage of the preprogrammed fall in stocks. Pre-programmed, however, only in the previous logic of the stock market, which the Reddit users of r / wallstreetbets are currently turning upside down.

Reddit: These are the next goals

And what is the next goal of internet investors? Other ailing companies such as Blackberry and Nokia have already moved into the center of attention on the part of Reddit, some of them being able to record three-digit price increases within a few days. Now more so-called old-school stocks follow. This includes that of the American cinema chain AMC, which has been pointing south for years and has now briefly quadrupled its course. Another stock is that of American Airlines. It also rose by almost half in the course of the GameStop rally.

One share stands out, however, resembles the GameStop share far more than the above (with the exception of Dogecoin): that of the already bankrupt DVD rental service Blockbuster. Because their last remnants can under the abbreviation BLIAQ (BB Liquidating Inc.), were able to gain more than 700 percent in just one day. In one week it was as much as 6,000 percent: from $ 0.0033 on January 22nd to $ 0.20 on January 26th. So far, that was the share’s high. But if the past week has shown one thing, it could only be the beginning of a price explosion. Should that be the case, there is a good chance that FTX will also get on board – and the remains of a bankrupt video rental service can soon be traded on the crypto exchange.

Ripple developer manages to recover lost bitcoins in 2014

David Schwartz, the Ripple CTO, told his story about the loss of bitcoins and how they were miraculously recovered.

On a topic at Quora, Ripple’s technology director explained how he lost and recovered 7.5 bitcoins.

The current Ripple CTO is one of the leading developers of XRP Ledger. He has also developed systems used by organizations like CNN and NSA.

At Quora he answers questions about blockchain, and in a question about his colleague at Ripple, Stefan Thomas, who forgot the password to a wallet and lost access to billions in Bitcoin, he said that it’s normal to hear reports from people who have had large amounts of Bitcoin and lost it.

He took advantage of the topic to share his own story about the loss of Bitcoins and how it had a happy ending.
Bitcoins forgotten in a cryptomaniac casino

About 10 years ago, when Bitcoin was worth approximately $ 20, Schwartz decided to open an account in a crypto casino and deposited 8 bitcoins to play.

The value of these bitcoins is currently approximately $ 1.5 million. At the time, Schwartz did not like the casino, stopped playing and forgot the coins there.

Seven years later, when Ripple’s CTO realized how much the Bitcoin had valued, he decided to try to recover the coins. The problem was that he couldn’t remember the name of the casino.

„I couldn’t remember anything. I searched email, I searched the web, I looked everywhere. I couldn’t find any information“.

Woke up and remembered the password

One day he simply woke up and the name finally came to mind. He wrote it down on his cell phone immediately so as not to forget it.

Days later he checked the phone and started to search anything on his computer that would help him. He found an old email linked to the account and started the password recovery process.

„I woke up suddenly remembering the casino name and grabbed my phone to save it and not forget it again. A few days later, I remembered that I had done this, I couldn’t remember the name, but I checked my phone“.

To his surprise, besides finding the casino platform still working, he managed to recover the password and withdraw the bitcoins.

The procedure worked. Schwartz found 7.5 bitcoins in his old account and managed to withdraw the coins successfully.

„I ended up finding an old e-mail with some account information, but they don’t have a web page, you had to download a client. It was still working, so I downloaded it. I couldn’t remember my password, but the „Forgot my password“ button worked. My account had 7.5 bitcoins! I clicked on „withdraw“ and to my complete and absolute surprise, it worked. At this point, those 7.5 bitcoins were worth about $ 130,000 (R$ 687,000) It was a very good day!“.

Schwartz was lucky to recover the bitcoins, since few old casino platforms are still running.

At that time it was common for users to send bitcoins anywhere and not care much if they were going to lose, after all, nobody could predict that the digital currency would be worth $40 in less than 10 years.

Nothing better than finding bitcoins.

Il ritiro della Bitcoin – era questo il momento di entrare?

Domenica e lunedì c’è stata la netta correzione del prezzo del Bitcoin che era stata a lungo attesa. Era questo il momento di entrare sul mercato per i nuovi investitori?

Il prezzo del Bitcoin è salito inesorabilmente dal superamento del massimo storico del 2017. Ogni volta che c’è stato un calo, il prezzo è stato riacquistato in modo non stupido. Le cose erano diverse: le istituzioni compravano.

Enormi entità come Greyscale e PayPal erano in testa. Greyscale, che acquistava per il suo Bitcoin Billionaire, e PayPal per conto dei suoi 346 milioni di utenti. Altri importanti acquirenti, come MicroStrategy di Michael Saylor, stavano facendo un’ondata nello spazio con i loro enormi acquisti recenti di Bitcoin. Galaxy Digital Holdings e Square sono stati gli altri importanti acquirenti.

I segnali c’erano

Dopo aver superato il suo massimo storico di circa 20.000 dollari Bitcoin non si è fermata. Quasi nessuna azione di prezzo laterale per consentire l’accumulo. O eri su questo razzo o non c’eri. In un periodo di sole 4 settimane il Bitcoin ha raddoppiato il suo valore a 40.000 dollari e ha continuato a salire.

40.000 dollari sono una cifra tonda e i mercati li rispettano. I profit takers devono aver visto la loro opportunità e la pressione di vendita è diventata immensa. Un RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) settimanale che mostrava, a metà degli anni ’90, che il Bitcoin era ormai fortemente sovraccarico.

Il prezzo ha raggiunto quasi 42.000 dollari prima che iniziasse il calo.

Un brusco e rapido crollo del prezzo ha visto il Bitcoin scendere a quasi 30.000 dollari. Due giorni di intense vendite e la moneta criptata numero uno ha finalmente avuto la sua correzione.

Più di 150 miliardi di dollari sono stati spazzati via dall’intero tetto del mercato delle Cryptocurrency in mezzo alle frenetiche vendite – un contrasto così netto con la pressione di acquisto che l’aveva preceduta.

Una fantastica opportunità di acquisto?

Quando si verificano correzioni così allarmanti, è estremamente difficile rimanere calmi e concentrati. Chi l’ha fatto e ha comprato il tuffo potrebbe certamente sorridere mentre il prezzo rimbalzava. Per i nuovi investitori che aspettavano dietro le quinte, forse un prezzo di quasi 30.000 dollari era un po‘ caro – o forse era l’acquisto dell’anno?

Bisognava essere veloci, perché la Bitcoin è stata acquistata incredibilmente veloce a questi livelli. Al momento di scrivere, la Bitcoin è risalita a circa 36.000 dollari – non male per una giornata di lavoro.

Resta da vedere se il Bitcoin continuerà ad andare alla deriva lateralmente e verso il basso per continuare la sua correzione e permettere ad altri investitori di entrare. Tuttavia, non si può negare che ci troviamo in un mercato toro e la tendenza è ancora decisamente al rialzo.

Ci saranno sempre delle correzioni, e alcune di queste saranno nette come i due giorni precedenti – un tempo per gli investitori di accumulare di più, o per i nuovi speculatori di salire a bordo. Tuttavia, la storia ci dice che una volta che la Bitcoin ha iniziato la sua corsa al rialzo, la traiettoria verso l’alto è forte e i cali sono minori.

Questo è stato il punto d’arresto per salire a bordo? Solo il tempo ce lo dirà.

Dogecoin skyrockets 160% and market capitalization exceeds US$1 billion

DOGE now has market capitalization of $1.1 billion

Dogecoin, the famous cryptomoeda created in the form of a joke has valued more than 160% in the last 24 hours, following the price trend of Bitcoin, which surpassed the $33,000 mark today.

In the past, when Dogecoin reached its peak price, the entire market for cryptomoeda has therefore appreciated, so if history repeats itself, Dogecoin’s rise can be a bullish indicator for all high in the market.

It is important to always remember that past performance is not indicative of future behaviour.

Dogecoin’s price has skyrocketed over 160% in the last 24 hours. This has made cryptomoeda the biggest winner among the top 100 in the market. The currency is now traded for US$0.012963 and has achieved a market capitalization of US$1.1 billion.

Although it is unclear why Dogecoin is appreciating today, the currency is one of the most popular in the market. It was created as a joke and should have no real value, but the joke turned serious and it gained many fans.

Even Elon Musk, the second richest man on earth often quotes the digital asset jokingly. He says on his Twitter that he is CEO of the project.

Of course, it’s all just a joke.

The rise of cryptomoeda has shocked the market, with many wanting to know what is happening. But as is common in this kind of situation, Bitcoin’s rise always brings new investors to the market, and many of them end up betting on cheaper assets with some/any potential for appreciation.

The currency is now the 29th cryptomoeda with the highest market capitalization, a curious and at the same time bizarre movement, since the asset was created to be nothing more and nothing less than a joke.

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Analyst: altocoins pressuring growing bitcoin

Leading RoboForex analyst Dmitry Gurkovsky talks about further possible scenarios of bitcoin price movements.

Increasingly, there are reports that bitcoin may replace gold in the near future. After all, it is digital currency that is more functional and easy to use than a precious metal bar. Bitcoin is much easier to use, store and pay with it.

All this maximally supports current bullish sentiment in the market – even conservative investors are beginning to see the leading asset as ‚digital gold‘. And according to surveys, the number of millionaires who are ready to invest in cryptov currencies is only growing: about 73% of those surveyed are ready to buy digital assets in the next 2 years.

It is also worth noting the fact that buyers almost do not let the BTC/USD rate fall: when a minimum correction occurs, bulls immediately buy the asset and its growth resumes.

This can be clearly seen on the 4-hour chart of the crypt currency. As soon as the price falls below the fast Moving Average, it bounces up and the upward trend continues. At the same time, BTC/USD quotations have never dropped below the slow Moving Average since the impulse appeared on 10 October 2020. Only a break-down will cause buyers to reduce the pressure on the bears, which could lead to a prolonged price correction.

Mining revenue peaked after a serious fall before halving. This once again confirms that the market has fully recovered and is ready to move on with the bullish trend.

However, the growth leader this trading week is not Bitcoin – as soon as the quotes of the first cryptovoltaic currency reached a historic high, the altoin market immediately showed strong growth.

Most of the largest coins in terms of capitalisation have not yet replicated bitcoin dynamics, so the potential for growth in althcoins is quite strong. This can be clearly seen in the example of XRP, whose capitalisation has more than doubled since Friday last week.

On the weekly chart, the fixation of the RSI above the resistance line remains a strong signal in favour of breaking the historical maximum. In most cases, this situation ends with the breakdown of the nearest resistance, which in this case is at $20,000.

On smaller timeframes, the bulls immediately buy the asset at moments when downward corrections develop, so there is a good chance of seeing a break-up of the resistance in the very near future without a noticeable drop in the cost of the bitcoin.

If we consider the width of the channel as a guideline for the development of an upward trend, then the growth target will be $25,000.

El CEO de Coinbase les dice a los usuarios que tengan cuidado durante el rally de Bitcoin

Bitcoin ha estado en las noticias últimamente ya que los precios superaron la marca de $ 23,000, un nivel psicológico importante. El director ejecutivo de Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, compartió hoy un mensaje sobre los „repuntes del mercado de criptografía“.

Si bien el CEO elogió el rally actual y cómo las organizaciones de noticias cubrieron el aumento del precio de Bitcoin, creía que las criptomonedas eran „una innovación que cambia el juego“.

Armstrong instó a los clientes a comprender que invertir en cripto „no está exento de riesgos“

Agregó que las criptomonedas podrían ser más volátiles que los instrumentos financieros tradicionales e informó a los usuarios que los mercados de criptomonedas podrían moverse mucho más rápido que los mercados de valores.

Advirtió a los inversores, que se centraron en la especulación a corto plazo, que comprendan mejor los riesgos asociados con la inversión en criptomonedas. Animó a los clientes a buscar recursos e incluso a consultar a asesores financieros y dijo:

Para aquellos que creen en el potencial de la criptografía, también debemos creer que todavía estamos en las primeras etapas y que hay mucho más por venir

Ayer mismo, cuando Bitcoin superó los $ 20,000, varios clientes de Coinbase acudieron a Twitter para informar problemas técnicos mientras usaban la plataforma. Muy pronto, el equipo de Coinbase publicó una actualización de que „actualmente estaba investigando el problema“.

Aunque Armstrong no abordó directamente los problemas de ayer, señaló que si bien el equipo „ocasionalmente se quedó corto“, abordaron las deficiencias de la empresa de manera „transparente“. Armstrong también escribió que el equipo de Coinbase trabajó arduamente para ayudar a los clientes a tomar decisiones comerciales informadas, especialmente durante tiempos “extremos” como el repunte actual del mercado.

Mientras tanto, el precio de Bitcoin ha subido un 13,4% en las últimas 24 horas y valía $ 23,479.34, con un volumen de operaciones de 24 horas de $ 56,889,259,280, al momento de escribir este artículo.

Bitcoin apunta a $ 17,000 después de lograr el cierre diario más alto en 2020

Bitcoin ha alcanzado su cierre diario más alto en 2020.

BTC parece estar saliendo de un triángulo ascendente.

Hay una resistencia cercana a los $ 17.200.

¿Quiere saber más? ¡Únase a nuestro Grupo de Telegram y obtenga señales comerciales, un curso comercial gratuito y comunicación diaria con los fanáticos de las criptomonedas!

The Trust Project es un consorcio internacional de organizaciones de noticias que construyen estándares de transparencia.

Bomba de precio de opción de Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) alcanzó un cierre diario de $ 15,707 el 11 de noviembre, marcando el cierre diario más alto hasta ahora en 2020.

Actualmente, el precio está intentando salir de un triángulo ascendente, que se espera que tenga éxito y podría llevar el precio hacia la próxima resistencia en $ 17,000.

Bitcoin alcanza el cierre diario más alto de 2020

El 12 de noviembre, el precio de Bitcoin reanudó su movimiento ascendente y alcanzó un máximo de $ 15991.

A pesar de que BTC retrocedió a $ 15,707, dejando una mecha superior a su paso, aún cerró más alto que el máximo anterior de 2020 de $ 15,610 el 6 de noviembre.

BTC ha continuado su ascenso hoy y actualmente se cotiza a poco más de $ 15.900.

El gráfico de seis horas a corto plazo muestra que el precio está en proceso de salir del área de resistencia horizontal de $ 15,800 y un triángulo ascendente en el que ha estado operando desde el 3 de noviembre.

Los indicadores técnicos son alcistas ya que el RSI está por encima de 50. Para complementar esto, la línea MACD está por encima de 0 y el histograma MACD está en proceso de volverse positivo.

Una ruptura que recorra toda la altura del patrón llevaría el precio a $ 17.200.

La Svizzera approva l’offerta di trading e custodia di Bitcoin da parte di Gazprombank

La Gazprombank con sede a Zurigo, una filiale della terza banca più grande della Russia, è stata approvata dall’autorità di regolamentazione finanziaria svizzera per offrire una serie di servizi di criptovaluta, tra cui l’acquisto, la vendita, il trading e la custodia di bitcoin.

Gazprombank ha approvato l’offerta di servizi Bitcoin

Giovedì la Gazprombank (Svizzera) SA ha annunciato di aver ricevuto l’autorizzazione dall’Autorità federale di vigilanza sui mercati finanziari (FINMA) a fornire servizi di criptovaluta. La banca con sede a Zurigo è interamente di proprietà della russa Gazprombank. Secondo il sito web della banca, la casa madre è la terza banca più grande in Russia e la terza in Europa centrale e orientale in termini di capitale proprio.

Istituzione finanziaria svizzera pienamente autorizzata, Gazprombank (Svizzera) fornisce prodotti e servizi bancari tradizionali ai suoi clienti aziendali e istituzionali.

Con la nuova approvazione, la banca inizierà ad offrire ai propri clienti „la custodia delle valute criptate e il commercio tra valute criptate e fiat“. La banca ha aggiunto che inizialmente fornirà questi servizi a un numero limitato di clienti selezionati, elaborando:

I nuovi servizi comprenderanno soluzioni di storage di livello istituzionale e l’acquisto e la vendita di Immediate Edge. Gazprombank prevede di ampliare gradualmente l’offerta per includere ulteriori valute crittografiche e altri prodotti e servizi.

„I clienti hanno accesso alla liquidità delle valute crittografiche, mentre la custodia delle valute crittografiche è curata da una banca regolamentata svizzera. Inoltre, il rischio di controparte è limitato“, sottolinea l’annuncio, descrivendo in dettaglio i vantaggi della nuova offerta di crittografia, aggiungendo:

Ci aspettiamo che gli asset digitali diventino sempre più importanti nell’economia globale e, in particolare, per la nostra clientela attuale e potenziale.

Prominente investeerder in Silicon Valley denkt niet dat Bitcoin weer naar $3.000 gaat.

De legendarische durfkapitalistische investeerder Naval Ravikant nam onlangs deel aan The Tim Ferris Show, een zeer populaire podcast over zaken en zelfbeperking. De engel-investeerder, die bedrijven als Twitter en Uber heeft gefinancierd, besteedde veel tijd aan het bespreken van Bitcoin en cryptocurrencies.

Ravikant, dat stevig in Silicon Valley is geplant, heeft lange tijd contact gehad met de cryptocurrency gemeenschap.

Gelukkig ziet hij de technologie in een goed daglicht.

Bitcoin zal nooit meer 3.000 dollar opleveren: Naval Ravikant zegt

Op de vraag hoe goed hij denkt dat Bitcoin en crypto hebben gepresteerd met de COVID-19-crisis, zei de mede-oprichter van AngelList dat hij denkt dat deze ruimte „deed en het niet“ de lakmoesproef die deze macro-economische crisis is, niet doorstaan heeft:

„Bitcoin ging niet naar $100K, omdat iedereen de US Dollar ontvluchtte, maar dat laat zien hoe veerkrachtig de dollar is en hoe ver we nog verwijderd zijn van het verliezen van de wereldwijde reservevaluta status. Maar tegelijkertijd stortte het ook niet in, weet je, het ging niet naar beneden, het ging kortstondig naar beneden, omdat mensen contant geld nodig hadden om aan verschillende margin calls en leningen te voldoen, maar over het algemeen bleef het zeer stabiel.

Hij voegde eraan toe dat hij op dit punt, met een toenemend aantal gebruikers en institutionele adoptanten, niet denkt dat Bitcoin ooit nog $3.000 zal raken, of in ieder geval in zijn leven.

Hij werkte uit dat hij specifiek Paul Tudor Jones‘ entree als massief ziet voor Bitcoin. Jones is een miljardair hedgefondsmanager die algemeen wordt beschouwd als een van ’s werelds beste macro-investeerders:

„Dus elk van deze mensen komt en valideert het, Paul Tudor Jones valideert het, voor andere hedgefondsbeheerders, hedgefondsbeheerders valideerden het voor staatsinvesteringsfondsen, staatsinvesteringsfondsen, wij valideren het voor centrale banken.“

Op DeFi

Terwijl een focus van zijn toespraak op Bitcoin was, nam Ravikant wel even de tijd om DeFi te noemen.

Hij zei dat hij de DeFi ruimte ziet als meer een manier om „DEFY“ de overheid:

„Ze bouwen een gedecentraliseerde Wall Street, ze noemen het DeFi, D-E-F-I, voor gedecentraliseerde financiering. Maar ik denk eigenlijk dat het meer is als DEFY als, gewoon tarten de regering, DEFY. En dus denk ik dat we een heel nieuw casino zien dat beter is dan Wall Street.“

Ravikant benadrukte hoe stabiele munten de laatste weken sterk zijn geadopteerd, omdat degenen die willen deelnemen aan DeFi niet wakker worden om „de volatiliteit van deze cryptocurrency’s aan te pakken.“

Hij merkte op dat terwijl stablecoins fundamenteel zinvol zijn in die zin dat ze u toelaten om zich in te dekken tegen de risico’s van een snel bewegende Bitcoin of Ethereum, er een kostenpost kan zijn voor het gebruik van stablecoins:

„Precies, er is geen gratis lunch. Wat kost dat dan? En een van de oorzaken is het risico op fraude, waar mensen dit vermoeden van Tether.“