A New Prophecy for Bitcoin – $ 60,000 BTC by May 2021?

Read the guts of Bitcoin – Anyone with any interest in Bitcoin (BTC) has their own predictions about the price of the king of cryptocurrencies. It is, however, interesting to see how Brian Kelly, as a hedge fund manager, is (very) optimistic about his prices.

Bitcoin more valued than the giant Apple within 5 years?

In a recent interview, Brian Kelly , manager of investment fund BKCM , explains his enthusiasm for Bitcoin and cryptos in general.

The fund manager estimates that “Bitcoin will be more valuable than Apple within 5 years” . With currently a total valuation of around $ 199 billion , the goal is bold . Indeed, the firm with the apple has a market valuation of the order of 1,900 billion dollars, that is to say nearly 10 times more than the value of all the bitcoins issued so far.

This upside potential is one of the reasons Brian Kelly recommends that clients of his fund diversify 1% to 5% of their portfolio in cryptocurrencies. The ratio between risk and return seems very interesting to him concerning the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin prices multiplied by 6 within a few months?

Always so optimistic, Brian Kelly seems to be one of the many followers of the Stock to Flow model . Citing this model, which is based on the halving scarcity of bitcoins, he explains that Bitcoin could reach $ 60,000 in May 2021 , or even go up to $ 70,000 in September next year.

But the fund manager doesn’t stop there. For him, Bitcoin will go ever higher: “well above 100,000 dollars” within 5 years.

Do you want more ? No problem ! Brian Kelly spoils you and predicts that Bitcoin could even take the equivalent of half the market share of gold in a decade. This would bring our dear Bitcoin into the $ 250,000 to $ 300,000 apiece. Who says better ?

While these ever-exploding Bitcoin prices are fun to read, we shouldn’t forget that even if (and let’s emphasize the ‚if‘) our favorite crypto experiences a new bull market, BTC won’t go straight up. . If a strong directionality were to appear (which is not yet the case), it will above all be necessary to prepare for a return of volatility, and its roller coaster on prices.